Find out how to use Hurravideo, through the most common questions asked by the users.

What can I do on Hurravideo?

On Hurravideo you can:

  1. Upload your favourite videos from more than 100 different sources
  2. Upload your personal videos from your PC, Smartphone or Tablet
  3. Search for videos directly on Hurravideo and add them to your thematic playlists

How do I save a new video in a playlist?

Once you have completed your registration, you have more than one option to save the videos you like in your own playlists:
  1. Copy and paste into the taskbar the URL of the video that you would like to save, click on Continue, follow the instructions and… problem solved!


  2. Drop this widget Help_2 into your toolbar to save all the videos that you may find on other websites and that you would like to add to your playlists on Hurravideo. every time you find a video that you like while surfing the web, you will be able to add it to your playlists directly from your toolbar, without have to worry about Hurravideo opening!

  3. Search for the video you are looking for directly on Hurravideo and add it to your playlists


  4. Upload your videos directly from your PC, Smartphone or Tablet!


    Please, remember that you have 500 MB up to 7 days for all the videos you intend to upload.


When and how do I create my Playlists?

You will be asked to generate a new Playlist or to choose among those previously created each time that you will save and/or upload a Video. Each video has to be saved in a thematic Playlist.

Are my Playlists public or visible to anyone?

You can decide to make your Playlists public or private anytime you want, while you generate them or even after, by just opening each one of them and click on modify playlist.

Why do I have to choose a category for my Playlists?

We ask you to choose one or more categories (up to a maximum of 2), when you create a Playlist, to help us to give visibility to your videos and to your passions, through your thematic playlists. This way, when a user browse the Internet and explore a category can find your playlists, watch your collection of videos, and comment on them. You can, anytime, modify the category in which you imputed your Playlist.

What should I write in the description field of my Playlist?

You are not obliged to describe your Playlist, but if there is a concrete reason that motivated you to create a well-defined video collection, you can decide whether to make it explicit and share it with others with the description of the Playlist. Also, the Playlist description can be a nice way to dedicate a Playlist to some of your friends, for a special occasion, a birthday or simply to dedicate a personalised compilation to someone.